Mar 21, 2013

Aging 7 Bucket Analysis Report

'Aging 7 Bucket Analysis Report', is one of the very good standard reports in Oracle. This report comes in different variants. Each variant has different parameter options.

There are the following versions of this report

1. Aging - 7 Buckets Report
2. Aging - 7 Buckets - By Account Report
3. Aging - 7 Buckets - By Amount Report
4. Aging - 7 Buckets - By Collector Report
5. Aging - 7 Bucket - By Salesperson / Agent report

There is another report 'Aging- 7 Buckets - By Account - Multi-Fund Accounts Receivable', which I am not clear about since I have not used.

Each of these reports have the following Options.

1. Order by Customer or Transaction Type 
2. Report can be summarized as Customer Summary / Invoice Summary
3. Report Format can be Brief or Detailed

This means that there are 6*8 = 48 Variants of this report.

How can you use this report.

a. If you run the report by Amount, you can quickly see your top receivables and you can quickly take corrective action.
b. If you run this report by Account, you can quickly use this report to reconcile with GL
c. Since this give you Aging information, you have much better control over your receivables.

What are the drawbacks?
Main drawback is that this report output is in Text Mode. For Finance managers accustomed to Excel, this change can be a problem.

Other than the above, this is a great report. Very stable, and very accurate and give you very good information that can help decision making.

Hope you get value out of that report

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