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May 30, 2018

Top 5 ERP News and Articles: 28-May-2018

Today the focus is on Industry 4.0 (I40). The articles below talk about how the top ERP vendors (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Epicor) plan to augment their applications to support Industry 4.0. The information in this post is curated from publicly available information, press releases and company websites. 

1. Oracle unveils IoT Cloud  for Industry 4.0 offerings: Oracle has released the IoT on Cloud as a part of its Cloud offerings to specifically support I40. The augmented reality, machine vision, Digital Twin and Automated Data Science capabilities can enhance production, logistics, warehousing and maintenance. The Production Monitoring Cloud offers I4.0 features capabilities like Digital Twin, Predictive Analytics etc enables the organization to have a real time view of its manufacturing shop floor.

May 27, 2018

How Jim Carey helped me in my career....

It was the beginning of the April 2016. I had just started out my career as a Freelance ERP consultant. I had no prior experience as a Freelance Consultant. I did not know how the freelance consulting worked, how a consultant received leads, how they were converted to opportunities, how consultants set their price, how they branded and marketed themselves....

Except for updating my LinkedIn profile title as  'Independent ERP Consultant', I had done nothing. I did not know how to proceed.

That is where Jim Carey appeared out of nowhere.

May 26, 2018

Top 5 ERP news and articles: 26-May2018

Curated content of top five ERP news and articles on the web, mostly related to ERP in India

1. Filtrec Bharat accelerates business growth with Infor: Businesswire India: Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced that Filtrec Bharat, a specialist in manufacturing filter elements for industrial and process filters, has selected Infor solutions to deliver greater visibility, productivity and competency for business growth. The implementation is expected to go live in Aug 2018 and will be deployed by Godrej Infotech..
Upon a comprehensive evaluation, Infor was selected for its specialized expertise in discrete manufacturing module, especially for manufacturing planning and supply chain. 

2. 10 Manufacturing buzzwords you should pay attention to in 2015: IFS World: Manufacturing Industry has undergone rapid changes in the last four to five years mainly driven by technological advances that were unthinkable a few years ago. Terms like 'Rapid Prototyping', 'Collaborative Robots (Cobots)' are the in jargons in this industry. This article from ERPNews talks about 10 such jargons that you should be aware of in 2018. These are Smart Factory / Industry 4.0, Robotic Process Automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Servitization (This is new...), Additive manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (AR / VR / MR), Block Chain and Technological Unemployment. Add the two I mentioned in the beginning, and you have a well rounded dozen !!1
Want to know what each of these mean? Continue Reading >>

3. Top 5 ERP Predictions for 2018: Panorama Consulting: As we enter 6 months into 2018, it is interesting to revisiting the predictions on ERP made at the beginning of the year. Panorama Consulting, a respected name in ERP Consulting made five predictions for 2018. These included, one, capital investments in digital transformation initiatives will continue, two, cloud ERP will reach a tipping point, three, more organizations will be forced to lay off their legacy ERP systems, four, more companies will say 'No' to ERP Software, and five, Organizations shy away from OCM (Org. Change Management).
While some of these are carefully worded to be generic and cannot be validated by data, it is safe to say the cloud has not yet reached the tipping point. With the new EU Data Protection regulations, Organizations will have to rethink their central server cloud strategy.  Also, On premise applications are far from Sunset. Oracle is in fact releasing upgraded versions of its EBS On Premise applications. (12.2.6). I think there is a confusion and lack of clarity on the cloud / on-premise strategy, mostly related to standardized / customized applications.  

4. ERP Beauty Contest: One of the underrated criteria when selecting an ERP application is its Ease of Use. Considering that the users of the application are the key stakeholders of the application post go live, it is surprising that this aspect is not given the due importance. Ease of use will automatically translate to increased user interest and enthusiasm, smoothing the requirement gathering, end user training and shortening the data collection time. 
So what are the criteria that qualify as ease of use (also called Beauty Contest?). These include intuitive navigation, personalization and ease of customization, integrated application philosophy (for example same design principles used in Payables and Receivables),  integration with Microsoft Office applications (very important), quick opening of data forms, quick retrieval of data, intuitive and actionable alert messages, quick retrieval of latest realtime information (latest inventory figures when the sales person is sitting with the customer accessing web over a WIFI) etc (Some of these criteria are mine)
How do ERPs stack up? I would love to know. I have worked on Oracle, IMO, it is somewhat average when it comes to these criteria. 

5. Clover Infotech Implements Oracle Financials Cloud: Economic Times: In my earlier role, I was a customer for Clover Infotech. Their customer support is excellent. Now I see this news that they have implemented Oracle Cloud for Financials and Project Contracts Billing. We discussed this elsewhere, Indian companies are looking at a modular approach to cloud rather than the Application approach. 

May 25, 2018

Top 5 ERP News and articles 25-May-2018

Curated top 5 news as of 25-May-2018

1. EPICOR sees ERP as a backbone for Digital Transformation: ET: Epicor unveiled its product vision for next generation UI Technology and Design and its cloud solutions that will enable customers and partners embrace cloud, IiOT, mobility, predictive analytics and other emerging technologies. The new technologies will be deployed across a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. The Epicor Kinectic Design, comprising of three legs, Kinetic Design, Kinetic Framework and Kinetic Applications provide a comprehensive technology set that will help the customers move to the next level of Industry 4.0 technologies....

May 24, 2018

Implications of EU GDPR on ERP Value Chain

European Union authorities have introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect the personal, identifiable data of natural persons in the EU. The regulations are broad in scope and minute in detail. The key ideas include Purpose, Consent, Process to handle data breach, liabilities and penalties, definition of data collection and data processing entities (controller and processor) and their different tasks, process to collect, process and archive data, well laid out redressal mechanism etc.

This comprehensive set of regulations will come into effect from May 25, 2018. 

Since ERP Applications handle large amount of data including personal data, the regulations  have significant impact on the entire ERP value chain. Applications should simplify and make specific the collection of personal data.

Top 5 ERP News from India for today (24-May-2018)...

1. Top five ERP Challenges for SMEs: From Economic Times: Bit of a generic article. Talks of issues like Top Management Interest, Communication, Change Management, Scoping and Customization. One can augment this piece by reading my blog post on Risks faced by SMEs in their ERP Journey

2. India's maiden SAP ERP runs on the coal sector: First Post: An excellent article on ERP Implementation at a PSU, on how Singareni Colliaries (SCCL) Implemented SAP ERP in the coal sector. The article covers the Why (Business Drivers), How (the implementation process) and What

May 22, 2018

EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

European union has introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to streamline the data protection regulation across the member countries. The GDPR replaces the EU’s Data Protection Directive, which went into effect in 1995.  While the rules are enforceable at the Union level, individual member countries are free to tweak the rules based on country specific circumstances. This regulation is aimed at preventing scandals like the misuse of personal data as it happened in US Elections.

This regulation spans 174 Paragraphs, 12 Chapters and 99 Articles. This was approved on 27 April, 2016 and will come to effect from 25 May, 2018

Highlights of GDPR: Image Courtesy European Council

There are two objectives of this regulation.

May 7, 2018

Industry 4.0: India Approach

Manufacturing Industry in India has a potential to touch $1 Trillion by 2025 accounting for 25 to 30% of India's GDP, and create up to 90 Million jobs. With the Government focusing on 'Make in India', the manufacturing industry must seize the moment by investing in new technology and expanding its competitive advantage and capturing more of the global market.

With government focusing on Digital India initiatives,

Apr 2, 2018

ERP Effectiveness Questionnaire

Mar 25, 2018

What is Industry 4.0? Power Point Slideshow

This is a presentation on Industry 4.0, focusing on the following:
Definition, Design Principles, Challenges, Opportunities, Benefits and India Potential...