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Mar 19, 2013

Great Standard Reports in Oracle

I am starting off a new series on 'Great Standard Reports in Oracle'. Why am I starting this section?

I have been a part of many implementations and one thing that I consistently find is that the consultants are not aware of the many useful standard reports in Oracle. How do we cover up this lack of knowledge? We inform the customer (with a serious face, acting as if we know what we are talking about !!) that 'there are great standard reports in each module. You must check out these reports and decide as to which reports are useful to you'. Poor customer accepts this and you as a consultant smartly transfers the responsibility to the customer.

Since the objective of this blog is to improve the knowledge and consulting skills of the ERP community, I am starting off a series on the the top ten standard reports in Oracle. Hope you guys will find this useful to improve your consulting skills and add significant value to the customer.

I start off the series with the report in AR, 'Aging 7 Bucket Analysis Report'

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