May 10, 2012

When should you start putting pressure on the Key user?

I have a question?
In an ERP implementation, when should you start putting pressure on the customer?
This is a difficult question to answer, there are no correct answers, but there are some pre-requisites to be completed before you start putting pressure on the customer.

  • Establish a rapport with the customer. He should feel that you are working for his benefit. He should realize that you are putting pressure to help him and not to 'cover your a**'
  • Establish your credentials: Before putting pressure, you should have demonstrated your competence, capability and expertise. The client should look up to you and should be ready to follow your guidance. As they say in India 'the student should be ready before the right teacher arrives'.
  • Establish a buy in from your project manager. He may have more information to offer.
I was thinking about this recently. I am in a new project and am slowly starting to put pressure on the user. I am now in the first phase where the user is retaliating. There are escalations all over the place. If I am not careful, I will lose this user for ever and then it will be a major project risk. You have to be nimble like Muhamed Ali. Sometime you should jab, some time you should apologize. The trick is never to let go of the control. There is no place for ego here. Your objective is the success of the project.
What do you think? What are your experiences in putting pressure on the customer in a project environment? Did you do it right? Did you start on time? Write in your views.
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