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May 12, 2012

Results of the poll...

I had recently opened a poll. The question was "Implementation Vs. Support: What is more challenging from a consultant's point of view?"

This was a one week poll, as against my normal polls which are two weeks. This is the blogpost on which this poll was based.

Three readers responded. Despite my friend Subbu making a strong case for support, two readers voted for 'Implementation' as more challenging, while one voted for 'Support' as more challenging. I think that this is in line with the profile of the readers of the blog. Most of you are implementation consultants (How do I know this? Well, I don't know, but I am making a guess, considering that the main target audience for this blog is 'ERP Consultants'), so it is only natural that you will feel that implementation is tougher.

I urge you to read Subbu's views. There are lessons to be learned there. As per Subbu, the poorer the quality of implementation, the tougher it is for support. Most of the challenges come from poor documentation.

If you take the right lessons from Subbu's article, you will become a better implementation consultant...

Wish you many, many successful implementations. And for my readers who are in support and trying to do a good job, may your tribe increase....

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