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May 25, 2018

Top 5 ERP News and articles 25-May-2018

Curated top 5 news as of 25-May-2018

1. EPICOR sees ERP as a backbone for Digital Transformation: ET: Epicor unveiled its product vision for next generation UI Technology and Design and its cloud solutions that will enable customers and partners embrace cloud, IiOT, mobility, predictive analytics and other emerging technologies. The new technologies will be deployed across a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. The Epicor Kinectic Design, comprising of three legs, Kinetic Design, Kinetic Framework and Kinetic Applications provide a comprehensive technology set that will help the customers move to the next level of Industry 4.0 technologies....

2. ERP Pain-O-Meter: In this article written in February of 2018, Jay Deakins posits that implementing ERP is not a cake walk (as if we didn't know !!). Like a virus that can impact all parts of your body, making you unable to perform to your potential, ERP Systems can clog your business process and significantly reduce process efficiencies. While most of us ERP Professionals are aware of these challenges, the article innovatively addresses these challenges. What makes this article interesting and valuable is that he gives weights (Points) to each challenge. These include Cluttered Desktop (2 Points), Applications that do not talk to each other (3 Points) etc. Maximum of 5 points is given to 'ERP System restricting your ability to upgrade your infrastructure'. Very valuable article.

3GDPR Rolls Out: European Union (EU) has rolled out GDPR with effect from today. Bit of a chaos on the first day of rollout. Many US newspapers have blocked access to EU citizens. Many of them use cookies to track User's interests and do not want to get entangled in a long drawnout legal battle with EU. Companies like Face Book, Google etc had already started rolling out GDPR over the last month or so. 
Even a poor blogger (literally and figuratively !!) like me is not spared. I have got long message from google about the applicability of GDPR to my blog (check the image). Luckily for me, I do not much care for the personal information of the readers of this blog. In case you are a EU Natural Person, "DON'T GIVE ME YOUR PERSONAL DATA" and 'I AM NOT TRACKING ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU ENTER IN MY BLOG",  only thing I care for is your comments and you have been VERY RETICENT ABOUT THEM. 
To get more information on GDPR, checkout #GDPR on both Twitter and Facebook. If you see any articles from me, do not forget to like, retweet and comment....
Finally, on the day 1 of GDPR regulation, complaints are filed against global tech majors for an extent of $8.1 Million !!!

4. Infosys Consulting delivers Industry 4.0 as a SAAS offering for manufacturing industry: Case Study:  I had referred to this post as a part of my blog post on Industry 4.0: A primar. I had mentioned that creating Industry 4.0 as a SAAS offering offered IT companies in India an potential to join the upcoming Industry 4.0 wave. Infosys has done just that. This sleek case study offers a fair idea on how IT systems can augment the manufacturing industry by helping it smoothly transition to the new technology. This covers the benefits and the approach followed by the company. Post implementation, the company has also measured various cost benefits that accrue to the customer. ERP has to be the backbone of any such initiative.

5. SAP joins Ministry of MSME to deliver 'Bharat ERP'. : ERP major SAP has partnered with Ministry of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to launch 'Bharat ERP, a program aimed at digital empowerment of small businesses in the country. The initiative aims to digitally enable about 30000 MSMEs and youth in the coming three years. It will also provide MSMEs with supporting technologies to optimize their business processes. MSME sector generates 38% of India's GDP and creates about 120 Millon jobs.
Good initiative. I hope it continues and succeeds.

Bonus Article:. What is ERP System? This is a very good introductory material on everything related to ERP. Eventhough at a very high level, it still manages to cover the key features, Categories of  ERP systems, top ERP Applications, the business drivers, Major benefits, implementation team etc. Start your ERP journey from here.

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