Aug 23, 2011

A dedicated page for SMEs in India

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in India face a set of special challenges when it comes to implementing ERP. Many of them want to Implement ERP and move to the next level. Most of them have sufficient budgets. However almost all of them find that the difficulties lie in details. For example, at the initial stage of the process when they need expert support, they do not find anyone. The ones available are quoting exorbitant costs. Experts are not available and those who claim to be experts neither have expertise in Business processes nor in technology.
I have been putting in a lot of thought into this aspect of SMEs. I also have a few friends who are die hard, old school manufacturers who want to go in for ERP but are hesitant about doing that. I want to help the SMEs in India become world class and I am convinced that the only way to go about it is through efficient use of technology.
So I am dedicating this page to provide support and guidance to SMEs in their quest to implementing ERP and getting all the benefits. Go ahead and show the world that SMEs in India have it in them to become world beaters.....
I will be there to support you as much as I can.


RT said...

Do you have data on the growth of ERP in SME sector in india during past couple of years ?

Ramaswamy VK said...

Hello RT
I do not have the data. Probably you can check up the website SME Chamber

Sysfore said...

ERP is designed to help small and medium businesses run more efficiently by fully integrating the system. Its benefits for SMEs include Process integration, Process standardization, Process institutionalization, Process automation, Process optimization and Process differentiation (