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May 24, 2018

Top 5 ERP News from India for today (24-May-2018)...

1. Top five ERP Challenges for SMEs: From Economic Times: Bit of a generic article. Talks of issues like Top Management Interest, Communication, Change Management, Scoping and Customization. One can augment this piece by reading my blog post on Risks faced by SMEs in their ERP Journey

2. India's maiden SAP ERP runs on the coal sector: First Post: An excellent article on ERP Implementation at a PSU, on how Singareni Colliaries (SCCL) Implemented SAP ERP in the coal sector. The article covers the Why (Business Drivers), How (the implementation process) and What
(Business Benefits and future plans). This is how you should write articles on ERP Implementation.

3. 7 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Cloud: Though not specifically related to India, this is an excellent article on Risk Mitigation Strategies to be adopted as one moves into cloud. The down to earth suggestions include assessing your risk appetite, revisiting your cloud usage, use of zero trust models, learning from cloud migration failures, rethinking your mix of manual vs. cloud management strategies, audit the processes of your cloud suppliers (where feasible) to ensure that they follow best practices regarding data security, (and finally), do not avoid cloud as a strategy but try to evaluate your risk perceptions regarding cloud. This article was posted just two days ago, but surprisingly do not cover GDPR which comes to effect tomorrow. GDPR could have significant impact on cloud migration decisions IMO. Checkout my blog article on EU GDPR  

4. Cloud based ERP gaining ground in India: Live Mint:   An old article that I had referenced in my blog post on ERP Markets in India . The article tal ks about how Cloud based ERP is gaining ground in India.   Article say s that cloud ERP market in India is (I quote) " is still a small number". Companies in India are still wary of cloud and are still taking the 'modular approach' (few modules in cloud) rather than the 'Application approach'. Perhaps the best comment comes from Martin Hill, VP at Epicor, who says that (I quote)   ERP is falling “rather gracefully into the background”. That one statement tells how far we have come in the last 20 years in our ERP journey.  

5. SAP: Road Beyond ERP: Live Mint:   An excellent and focused article on the future plans of SAP, with reference to ERP and with reference to India. When it comes to large PSUs in the country, SAP seems to have achieved the 'Network Effect'. NTPC, Singareni Colliaries and many other large PSUs run on SAP. The company has also recently tied up with Ministry of MSME for its Bharat ERP Program. It is also delivering solutions on the latest technologies like IoT and strengthening it Industry specific offerings as well as its analytics and mobility solutions.  


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