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Apr 19, 2016

Working on Fusion Financials....

Currently I have got an opportunity to work on Fusion Financials, specifically on a product called 'Fusion Revenue Management'. The application is very good to work on and I have got some excellent support in my learning journey. I am enjoying  the application and have fallen in love with it.

As I am working on Fusion, I have not forgotten you, my dear readers and followers. I am Video taping all that I am working and will upload the same in my Youtube channel. Remember that I am doing this from home (that is the advantage of Cloud) and hence the audio quality is poor.

Thanks to Windows 10, I have the facility to record all that I am doing on my screen and hence we have some excellent content, hopefully.

For my first video on Fusion, let us start with the big bang one itself. Wait for my first Video on Fusion Financials, 'Configuring Subledger Accounting Method' in Fusion.

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