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Jul 21, 2015

Win a book by commenting on this post below.....

Please suggest improvements to this blog as a comment to this post. The best comment received before 31st of July 2015 , will win a book of your choice. 

I recently attended a blogger's conference where they emphasized on the 'Simplicity of your blog design'. Promptly on return home, I simplified the design of this blog....

I removed the ad links, I redesigned the links to my blog archives, I removed two tabs which were acting as a distraction to serious ERP practitioner, I removed an image which was taking space and set the background to white and fonts to black. 

How are you liking this design? Also, I want your suggestions on improvement on the following.

  1. Hierarchy: Should I keep Facebook icon at all? If yes, should I keep it at the top or somewhere at the bottom?
  2. Gadgets: Should I remove any gadgets? Redesign any gadget? Add any gadget? As you can see, I am on blogger.
  3. Content: Right now I am only publishing Original content. Should I be also publishing curated content? How can I improve the quality of content in this blog?
  4. Any other suggestions for improvement of my blog.
The best comment will win a book of choice.

Five days to go for you to win this gift. So far I have not received any comments. Who knows? You may be the one...

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