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May 21, 2015

Appreciations that I have received for my work.....

It is always nice to receive appreciation for your work from your customers, both External and Internal. Here is a collage of the appreciation that I have received for my work.

From Kanthal India Limited, my first ERP Implementation

From Grundfos Pumps Limited, another customer

 From Tanishq, my first Oracle Apps Implementation

From Mr.Marco Infante, V P, Alpina Productos Alimenticios, Bogota, Colombia

Estimado Ramasuamy.

Quiero felicitarte a ti y a tu equipo integrado por Abhik Panda , Devendra
Suryavanshi, Jacob Cheiran y Barath,  por su participación, dedicación y apoyo
incondicional  en el desarrollo de nuestro Proyecto "Mejoras OPM". Lo anterior
permitió mejorar y optimizar  tanto la herramienta como los procesos asociados
con la Producción, Calidad, Laboratorio, Planeación y Costos de producción
entre otros.

Quiero resaltar y destacar la calidad humana de cada uno de ustedes y su
feeling con cada uno de los integrantes del proyecto, principal motivo que
llevo al éxito a nuestro proyecto.

Sus conocimientos, experiencia, profesionalismo  y Calidad humana   fueron
el motor principal para  lograr la consolidación de un equipo de alto
desempeño guiado hacia la orientación al logro.

Esperamos contar con ustedes para futuros trabajos.

From my Organization (Oracle) for best PM

We are happy to announce SSI Project Oscars (PM of the Half year) for H2 FY’10.
We had received several nominations from Regional Delivery Managers and Regional PMO
Managers for PM of the HY. The top most position was selected based on the announced
evaluation criteria.   After the launch of Rewards and Recognition programme in SSI few months
ago, this is the first time 'the best project manager for the half year' award is announced.  The
Award Board comprised of XXX, YYY and ZZZ

PM of H2-FY10: Ramaswamy Krishnamurti
On many of the evaluation factors such as Scope Management, Schedule Management, Expectation
Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Cost Management, Resource
Management, Quality Management and Innovation, he has scored very well.  He has shown really
remarkable and highly commendable consistency in his project management.   

Congratulations to Ramaswamy Krishnamurti!  

Appreciation from Oracle Internal Customer for my work  on a project for Government of State of Durango, Mexico.

Just a quick note to sing the praises of Ramaswamy. This escalation was pretty out of the
ordinary in the way it was managed outside of the process, and with many, many confusing
emails and issues. As the Dev Triage manager involved, it was not until I received Ramaswamy's
description and detail of the situation that I had a clear understanding of what had happened,
and what were the real issues. Within a few hours, we had resolution to the single bugged issue.
This was due to Development's ability to quickly assess and provide a fix, but also Ramaswamy's
constant vigilance and project management to see the fix tested and applied at the customer site. 

I am a certified Project Management Professional, and I can assure you that few people know
how to manage projects like Ramaswamy did yesterday. As if that wasn't impressive enough, he
did all of this with very little sleep, and such a big-hearted enthusiasm for the customer and
Oracle, that he actually made this escalation fun to work on. 

I hope that there is a gold star for Ramaswamy and the hard work he did on this project, and I
hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Truly, thank you for the
great work!

From Luis Mario, customer project manager for my Latin America Projects (This was written as a comment in one of my blogposts).

Congrats Ramaswamy and my Best Wishes. 
I want yo add here, that Ramaswamy has a lot of international exposure, including Latin America and as per my long experience in ERP implementation projects, I can say that He was my best resource always. Ramaswamy was also crucial on manage the India's Teams in the projects where we had the opportunity to work together as Oracle's Consultants. 
I want to recommend Ramaswamy, I can say that you can Believe in Ramaswamy and get the best consultant you can get. 

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