Mar 3, 2013

Oracle Payables Bank Account Issue...


While looking for online troubleshooting for R12 Bank account issue, found your blog

I have an issue regarding bank account in Oracle AP. First of all I am unable to update Supplier Bank Account. The reason is, we have just moved to R12 from Oracle 11 where Oracle 11 Bank Accounts were operating unit level. R12 works as LE Level.

We have duplicate bank account with different operating unit which doesn't permit to do any update on Bank Accounts under the Supplier. What would be the solution to overcome this please.

Hope you could extend your support on this please.

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Below is the error it pops up while updating.

One of the assignment of this bank account is related to operating unit



I think you do not have the security access to update bank account. In R12, this has to be enabled in the responsibility 'User Management'. If you query for 'User Management' in the Oracle GL User Guide, you will get the steps to do this.
In case you still are not able to update the bank account, you need to raise an SR with the Oracle Support.
Are you following the latest upgrade method? Oracle keeps on continuously updating their upgrade steps.
And finally, you have a very good document (I think it is called Upgrade Primer) which provides links to a number of upgrade related information and faqs.



Many thanks for the information. I don't have user management responsibility and I am totally on functional finance side having Setup options for GL and AP besides CM and FA.

Anyway your guidance will help to fix this issue.

Thanks again and will get in touch if any further guidance needed.

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I don't know if this issue is resolved or not.

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