Mar 3, 2013

E Mail Support...

There are a number of readers of this blog who contact me over the email for resolving their ERP Related Issues. As much as possible, I try to help them. I see that some of the issues that I support over email will be faced by many of my readers and prospective readers.

I think that it is important for the ERP Community to learn from each other. Given that I request all of you to update my blog with comments and questions. That way, not only your issues get addressed, but also the community benefits.

Also many poor children in India benefit. Read my Comment Policy here. 

So go ahead and comment. You will do a lot of good by commenting in my blog.

But I am aware that once I give my email id in the blog, it is imperative that some of you will mail me. Given that I am taking the initiative to update my blog with the details of the issues and the support  that I provide to various users. All these articles will be available under the category 'Email support'.

The first article in the series relates to loading of Fixed Assets Opening Balance. The issue was raised by a reader from Mauritius (What a beautiful country !!!).

Read on. Keep commenting. Keep being involved.

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