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Mar 3, 2013

Data Conversion: Opening Balance

Hi Ramaswamy,

I came across your white paper and the blog with heaps of useful information.

I am going to start working on the data conversion project and I need some information regarding the conversion of the balances etc.

Say we want to re-implement R12 from 11i with different COA, less segments and shorted size for some segment than in 11i.

The overall strategy would be to 

- Setup the R12 instance 
- Migrate setup date COA etc.
- Migrate Master Data (supplier, customer, item etc)
- Migrate Opening GL balance ( how exactly can this be done ?)
- Migrate Open transaction (Open invoices from AP and AR, On account credit memo etc. and reverse the GL entries to avoid doubling up the balances)

Now with regards to the opening balance, do I take the Trial balance and move it to the new instance ?

What opening balances do I need to move to the new instance ? At summary level or for each individual account ?

Also how do I reconcile the new instance if the conversion is correct ? ( compare the trial balance from old instance with trial balance in new instance)

I would  appreciate if you could provide me with some more information on the above, it is a little urgent and I would not if you send me your number to have a quick chat to save you from typing an email.



Hi Ramaswamy,

Thank you for your guidance on R12 reimplementation.

I am currently involved in a project to decommission an existing 11i instance.

There are 6 segments to accounting flex field structure, segment 1 is government agency, which is a balancing segment, there are multiple agencies in the instance which will be rolled out at a time.

Our task is to unload all the data related to a particular agency, in a format suitable to allow them to upload in R12 (or any other system). On of the agency is keen on R12 and that was the one I was asking you questions about, I am going to see them in few days (got postponed by a week) regarding the same.

What do you think from the unload point of view

 - as long as we generate output for all master, sub master and transaction data that woudl match the existing R12 interface table, we should be good.
 - once the agency is unloaded then will need to adjust the prod instance to bring the balance to 0 for that particular agency. 
- any way to reconcile the date extracted int eh csv files to confirm the extract is correct (e.e. run trial balance in Prod and check the total in the csv files for the debtors / creditors etc.)

- Do you have any standard template / format for the data extraction from 11i to R12 e.g customer extract,  invoice extract etc ?


I supported him over the phone. I don't remember the advice that I gave him. I remember that this consultant was very knowledgeable and he needed only some minimal guidance.

I don't know the current status...

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