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Nov 9, 2011

Loading Historical Data in ERP

Siva, a reader of this blog asks,

"What is the problem with loading historical data in Oracle ERP? Why is it discouraged?"

As I answered to Siva,

The reason dumping historical data into Oracle EBS is discouraged is due to the following reasons.

1. Historical data do not have any transactional significance. All the transactions related to this data is completed and closed. So there is no point in bringing this data into EBS.

2. Historical data do not have any reporting significance. All the reports related to this data has been taken, analysed, signed off and closed.

3. Historical data may have lot of errors. Especially if the historical data is taken from a non-ERP, non-integrated environment, there will be lot of errors. Bringing erroneous historical data may corrupt the current data

4. Historical data may consume huge amount of space in the EBS system and may impact the performance of the system.

The decision on historical data is similar to the one that you take when you move to a new house. You can either carry all the junk that you collected in the old house and fill the new house with old items or you can bring in only the important necessities to the new house. That is a decision that you take.

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