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Dec 22, 2007

Using R12? Don't forget.....

1. To run the process 'Validate Application Accounting Definition' from 'Payables' or 'Purchasing' responsibility for your ledger. This is to be done if you are using 'Subledger Accounting'

2. If you are using OPM, you need to create your own SLAM (Subledger Accounting Method) and link it to your ledger in GL. The seeded 'Standard Accrual' SLAM will not work in this case. This means that you have to create your own ADRs (Account Derivation Rules) for application 'Process Manufacturing Financials', create new JLDs (Journal Line Definitions) and link the ADR created above to that, create a new AAD (Application Accounting Definition) and link the JLDs created above and finally create a new SLAM by linking the above AAD. Remember, you can copy the 'Standard Accrual' SLAM and end date / delete the seeded AAD for 'Process Manufacturing Financials' and replace it with your AAD created above. The other AADs need not be touched.

3. Again, if you are using OPM Finacials, don't forget to run the 'OPM Accounting Preprocessor' before creating accounting.

4. For each module, you need to run the 'Create Accounting' process from that module. This means that for creating accounting entries in OPM, you need to run the process from 'OPM Financials' responsibility

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