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Dec 11, 2007

R12 Procure to Pay Cycle Testing

I have just completed full cycle testing of Procure to Pay Cycle in R12 vision instance.

What does this mean?

1. Created a legal entity
2. Crea stepted a ledger. Linked the SL Accounting method 'Standard Accrual' to the ledger
3. Linked both
4. Created OU, IO and linked the same.
5. Created item, supplier etc.
6. Validated the 'Standard Accrual' seeded SL Accounting Method
7. Created Responsibilities and linked them to the ledger and the OU
8. Created Bank Accounts in the above legal entity and OU
9. Created User, Employee and linked the above. I linked the job 'MGR500.Manager' to the employee.
10. Attached the responsibilities to the user
11. Created and approved the PO.
12. Entered receipts
13. Created and validated accounting entries for the receipt. (Basic entries, no taxes)
14. Set up AP.
15. Entered invoice and matched it to receipt. Validated, Created Accounting entries and entered payments.
16. Created accounting for payments

What else did I do?

Ran the 'Validate Application Accounting Definition' process from purchasing (you can also run it from AP) for the combination of the new ledger and Subledger accounting method 'Standard Accrual'. This process will take some time.

Created Approval Groups and Approval Assignments in Purchasing.

Ran the 'Fill Employee Hierarchy' Process from Purchasing module after creating the employee.

What I did not do?

Create 'Final' accounting entries and transfer the same to GL. But that is a straight forward process.
I also did not test the tax engine in R12.

Future plan...

Test the above cycle in OPM scenario.

I am hoping to update the blog with the process test steps and key learnings soon....


Anonymous said...

I'm wroking in china,and I have doing some test for R12 OPM, if you have doing test,and write test report or other files,pls send to Of course, welcome contract me with MSN,my msn is many thanks.

Ramaswamy VK said...

I have done only the preliminary testing in opm focussing on costing and accounting. I do not have any test cases currently.
If you have done some testing, I will be happy if you can update your views in my blog.
Many Thanks