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Sep 26, 2007

Does ERP Show Porn? 1.0 (2006)

This is version 1.0 of this article.

Guys, I am sure that each one of you would have come across a number of funny moments - some amusing, some hilarious - during your ERP implementation. These are some of the experiences that you can discuss with buddies over a beer and have a good laugh. I have come across many such instances which I will pen down as and when I remember.

Why don't you share with me through this medium some of those moments so that we all can share a good laugh?

Here goes the first one.

Well, this is not exactly my experience but that of a friend of mine. It happened around 5 years ago, I think

They (my friend and his team) were implementing ERP in a manufacturing company located in an interior village in one of the backward states in India. The place was relatively lonely and there was a team member in the implementation team who used to while away the time by browsing over porn sites in the net. Every site he visited downloaded cookies into his PC. In a span of over a month, this guy had accumulated so many cookies which if it were to be counted in currency, would have made him a millionaire.

This guy went on a holiday for 15 days. During this time the team planned the CRP (Conference Room Pilot) for the project. Since they had a problem with machine availability, they decided to use his machine which was the only one free.

The CRP was well hyped up and on the appointed day, the Conference room was relatively filled with users. The project manager, who was supposed to initiate the CRP, logged into my friends machine.

The moment he logged in, the cookies started their work.

Suddenly the wide screen (which was supposed to demo ERP) was filled with pictures of various female bodies in different stages of nudity. If at one corner suddenly popped out this Pamela like sexy siren covering her significant body parts with the thumbs of her hands, the middle of the screen showed this inviting blonde wearing only one piece of a two piece bikini. As soon as she vanished from the screen, she was replaced by this black brunette looking alluring in her side nudity......

There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were Indians, there were chinese, there were tall models, there were short models, there were whites, blacks and all shades in between.

There were two things in common between all of them. One, they were all young women, and all of them had an acute antipathy to clothes of any kind.

Needless to say, among these nice, kind hearted and simple users (fortunately, my friend says, all of them were men. He can't even imagine the embarrassment that would have been caused if at least one woman was present in the highly conservative audience) this dramatic display of 'Full Monty's' created quite a stir. Word went around that ERP showed sex.

Suddenly there was a dramatic increase in the interest in CRP and the CRP was a roaring success. Thanks to this incident there was a lot more active participation in the project and the curiosity created by this incident led to more widespread exploration of the product. All this, while it lasted, created lasting beneficial impact on the project.....

Who says sex and ERP do not gel together?

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