Sep 25, 2007

200 hits in the blog!!

Some time last fortnight, without my knowledge, this blog achieved 200 hits. I thought it was a major milestone worth sharing with you all.
Considering that this was achieved without any marketing from my side shows that there are articles in this blog which are relevant and useful to ERP consultants worldwide. It is very satisfying to be of benefit to fellow professionals.
One complaint though. I would like to get to know your opinions about the blog. Its layout, the articles - was the content useful, was it complete, any suggestions for improvement, anything...
The 200th hit has motivated me to complete the current set of pending articles - I know a few are pending - and improve the blog and add more links to useful sites.
The future plan also includes starting a Q&A sessions where you could post the queries and we can try to find answers together.
It is gratifying to note that when I did a search on a few ERP topics 'Data migration strategy in ERP', 'Opening Balance Intake strategy in ERP' etc, this blog came in the first page of Google Search.
Thanks a lot for the support, guys and ladies. Please keep this up so that we can implement ERP successfully together.

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